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The gentleman from Rijon was extremely knowledgeable and very polite. He provided the best quote and I decided to give them my business. I’m very happy with the outcome and will not hesitate to recommend them to my family and friends.

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Melody F

I am so excited about my new awning! This whole experience has been so easy from the moment I picked up the phone and spoke with Jeremy, he was so knowledgeable and easy to work with. Based on our request, we just had Rijon Manufacturing Co Inc. install our huge awning and I can’t wait to use it. It looks absolutely perfect over my deck and I’m so grateful! Thank you!

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Jenni G

From the office staff to the installers, my experience with Rijon was top notch. I felt they were the honest and straight forward with cost and turnaround time compared to other companies I contacted. I would definitely recommend Rijon and not hesitate to use them again.

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Meghan F

Customizable Aluminum Awnings & Patio Covers

Our Services

In 17 standard colors and 9 styles, Rijon custom manufactured awnings are the highest quality in the Chicagoland area. They will look great on any home or business.udget.

We specialize in providing top-notch rectractable awnings for residential & commercial properties. Our team will work with you to choose the best type of retractable awning for your needs and budget.

Available in a range of colors and styles, the collection of covered walkways and awnings from Rijon Manufacturing Company make a great addition to any home or business.

Protect your patio furniture from the elements with a durable and stylish awning.

Spring has arrived, so you’ve undoubtedly seen advertisements promoting the latest fashion trends and modernizations in patio covers. Enhancing the outside space of your house is the ideal way to improve your outdoor lifestyle. We use various designs to update your backyard or deck space.

What if there is a method to expand your outdoor living area while improving the aesthetic appeal of your home or business? A retractable awning near me is the solution. A custom awning from Rijon Manufacturing can transform the outdoors & open up new possibilities during winters in La Gran Hghls, IL.

We do retractable awning installations and other services for residents near me throughout Cook County. We show the UV protection capabilities of a motorized retractable awning. Each member is an expert to assist you in determining the best retractable awning near me for your deck or patio in La Gran Hghls, IL.

Rijon Manufacturing offers free retractable awning installation estimates before beginning work at your home. You’ll receive guarantees after the job is finished. We ensure that you have a satisfying experience. You can trust Rijon Manufacturing for all your residential custom awning needs in Cook County.

Tips To Choose The Right Retractable Awning For Your Home

You may be wondering which retractable awning you should get. What color should I use? Size? Fashion? Fabric? Here are a few suggestions to consider while selecting the perfect retractable awning near me to ease the stress.

1) Location

You must decide where you want to place your retractable awning near me. Many individuals wish to sit outside and relax without getting sunburned or wet. These motorized retractable awnings protect you from the elements, provide shade, & protect you and your patio furniture from severe weather.

2) Style & Edges

Select a style for the motorized retractable awning that complements the appearance of your home. These upgrades add flair and individuality to your home, making it more appealing. 

There are numerous styles to pick from:

  • Straight-edged rectangle with open or closed sides
  • Dome-style
  • Waterfall
  • Semicircular
  • Quarter Barrel
  • Gable Walkway
  • Double Standard

3) Material

A retractable awning near me is made from various materials. While deciding on the material, consider the weather you are exposed to. Consider how much maintenance you will put in. Fabrics, in particular, require more attention than tough materials.

4) Color

Your retractable awning is one of the first things people notice when they come to your house. They notice the hues and how it contrasts with the color of your house. You should choose a hue that reflects your personality and complements your house. There is no correct answer regarding which awning will always fit your home’s type, color, and size.

5) Size

The size of your retractable awning near me influences your chosen color. The more coverage the awning has, the more noticeable it will be. Bold and brilliant colors may not be the best choice for a retractable awning near me.

Discover the Perfect Retractable Awning for Your Home's Style!

Our family-owned company values long-term relationships and one-on-one attention. When you choose Rijon Manufacturing, you choose a firm providing high-quality retractable awning near me in La Gran Hghls, IL.

Rijon Manufacturing admires the dedication, workmanship & creativity our team brings to the industry. We have unrivaled experience in designing and constructing custom awnings near me as seen by businesses and houses throughout Cook County.

We provide custom awnings for any purpose, color, or style. Whether you’re concerned about utility and privacy or simply want to add some flair to your property, our staff in Cook County has the appropriate retractable awning near me for you.

We improve your home’s appearance. We are proud of our history of serving the residents in Cook County. Call us at 708-388-2295 to learn more about our retractable awning near me alternatives in the region!

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