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Styles of Awnings in illinois

We personally manufacture a variety of different awning styles to compliment your business or home

Adding Style and Comfort to Your Home Or Business

Awnings are an excellent way to add style and function to your home’s exterior. They not only provide shade and shelter but also enhance the aesthetics of your property. With so many different styles of awnings available in the market

Guide through our in house manfactured styles of awnings to help you make an informed decision.

Why Rijon Manufacturing Company Inc is the Best Choice for You

Wholesale & Retail Orders
Free Estimates
Two-Year Warranty on All Parts & Products
Senior and Veteran Discounts
Family Owned & Operated
In-House Built Products
Installation Available for All Products

Our team of knowledgeable professionals have years of industry experience and are proficient in solving unique issues. Don’t be afraid to ask. We’ve seen it all!


Our business has been designed to remedy any disastrous situation and save you time and money in the process.


Our company quickly locates, plans and remedies problems caused by the elements and human error, too. ​

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